f/biol: Association of individuals or public bodies in which every participant benefits from life in common.

Each individual and collective action behaves as a force that modifies the future. In the current system, each force tends to function in an independent way. Their articulation as a part of a common universe allows their redirection, aiming for collective well-being towards an alternative future.

To achieve this alternative future, we must change the course in which we are currently oriented. It is essential that change agents design new, everyday logic so that the general citizenry can implement and sustain it over time.

Meeting points must be created in order to connect people who imagine potential changes with people who implement them. Communication is the space cohabited by change agents and citizenry, sharing knowledge and learning. In this way, everybody becomes social transformers through this tool.

About Simbiosis

We are a communication and production agency that works with people that redesign the system to reach citizenry and propel us towards a new future.